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Trading Partner Guides
Trading Partner Guides
Step-by-step guides for trading partner enrollment. Applies to billing providers, billing agents, and clearinghouses.
MIHMS_EG_0007_v3.0_20141218.docTrading Partner Guide for Billing Agents12/23/20143.012/16/2014
MIHMS_EG_0007_v3.0_20141218.pdfTrading Partner Guide for Billing Agents (PDF)12/23/20143.012/16/2014
MIHMS_EG_0006_v3.0_20141204.docTrading Partner Guide for Billing Providers5/15/20153.012/4/2014
MIHMS_EG_0006_v3 0_20141204.pdfTrading Partner Guide for Billing Providers (PDF)5/15/20153.012/4/2014
MIHMS_EG_0008_v3.0_20141114.docTrading Partner Guide for Clearinghouses1/21/20153.011/14/2014
MIHMS_EG_0008_v3.0_20141114.pdfTrading Partner Guide for Clearinghouses (PDF)1/21/20153.011/14/2014
HPO_TPA_TG0016_v2.0_20150701.docTrading Partner Guide for Health Plans7/2/20152.07/2/2015
HPO_TPA_TG0016_v2.0_20150701.pdfTrading Partner Guide for Health Plans (PDF)7/2/20152.07/2/2015 | DHHS Home | Site Policies | Language Access | Copyright Notice | Privacy Statement